City trying to bridge fund gap for park amenity

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A plan to connect Stevenson and Old City Park with a pedestrian bridge is getting more expensive as Friendswood city staff tries to work out some unexpected issues.

The bridge now is expected to be arched because of flooding and sewer pipe issues, and providing users easier access to the trail system will require the cooperation of nearby property owners, one of whom requests a retaining wall to allow a cut-across trail.

The Parks Board first discussed connecting the two parks in 1993, assistant City Manager Morad Kabiri said.

The bridge is part of a parks improvement plan known as Scenario 1.

The retaining wall is priced at $75 to $100 per linear foot for a retaining wall, from 150 to 200 feet long, depending on orientation.

“They may also be agreeable to doing a fence, but their first preference is a retaining wall,” Kabiri said.

Bonds funds from November, if passed, would be used to fund the excess created by building the wall, he said.

“You’re going to spend more on a retaining wall than you are the bridge,” Mayor Kevin Holland said. “That’s not really being a good steward of city funds.”

The city council discussed the issues during a workshop last Monday, asking city staff to crunch more numbers for building both the retaining wall and a fence into the project.

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