20 year resident supports bonds

In Letter to the Editor by Reporter News

In November there will be a Bond Election in the City of Friendswood.  The Bond Election is broken into four different propositions that will be to the benefit of the citizens of Friendswood, current and future.

I have been a resident of Friendswood for almost 20 years, and my husband and his family have lived here for over 35 years.  In that timespan there have been a lot of changes made in this town; I can recall stories of the main roads being ‘not so main,’ reminiscing with our children when they drive down a road, telling them that it was a dirt road when we were their age. All of that change over the years has grown our town to what it is today, “One of the Best Places to Live in the US.”

When I first moved to Friendswood, I lived in the apartments on FM 528, and along the way have moved a couple of times.  We now currently reside in the new section of West Ranch, behind the new Junior High.  I consider myself well versed in events around town, I have always heard equality conversations about the Harris and Galveston County sides of the city.  I have lived in both counties, and I can tell you that I have never felt one side has a benefit over the other.  The other thing that I wanted to address is the extra tax that I pay as a homeowner in the West Ranch development.  I was very aware of the additional tax when I started looking for a new home to purchase in Friendswood.  Even with the extra MUD tax that I pay, I know that the Bond Election, and the slight additional cost that it will bring in the future is well worth it to be able to obtain the improvements to our streets, the added protection from our Volunteer Fire Department, the additional green space for our families, and the needed space and technology upgrades for our community library.

I completely support all four of the bond election propositions in the November election, this will keep us on the path for being the best place to live.

Robin Hall

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