Bonds will improve quality of life

In Letter to the Editor by Reporter News

Dear Friends,

As you may or may not know, there is an upcoming Bond Election in Friendswood on November 5th. The Propositions will address a Fire Station, Improvements to our Library, Parks & Green Space, and Streets.

Each one of these Propositions has the ability to improve the quality of life in our town. They address the basic needs of a thriving community, Protection of it’s citizens and their property, Improvements to a facility that houses programs and information that makes stronger citizens and enhance our future through knowledge, places where families, friends, & individuals of all ages can go to enjoy nature and participate in activities that improve our health and well being, and finally a well maintained path to make all these things happen. These ideals where the bedrock of the committee of citizens that was formed to look at the needs of the community. As the Committee began, a “Laundry List” of great projects were brought to the table, and as time went by, these citizens of our town came together and presented to City Council the Propositions put before you. It was a daunting task for this committee of people from all walks of life to sift through and take apart the many needs of the community, to come up with the list that would benefit their community as a whole, at the same time be fiscally responsible to the taxpayer.

When looking at the Propositions Individually you can see the needs of the City and how they will be addressed. Be sure and get out and VOTE YES for Friendswood.

Deepest Regards,
Tom Goodwin

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