Library needs your support

In Letter to the Editor by Reporter News

Dear Editor,

Let me add my voice to those that encourage you to vote for the bond proposals in November. A diverse group came together as Friends of Friendswood and met over several months to develop a plan, which will keep Friendswood moving forward as one of the Best cities in America. This group divided into four sub-committees to consider the needs of the city and how best to meet those needs.

While I am most familiar with the Library and how it has outgrown our facility with circulation growing by 70% while the city has grown by 54%. Extra space must be added to accommodate the attendance that is in excess of 500 patrons per day. Space is also needed for computers and movies, which were not in existence when this building was opened. We need to expand the space for pre-k and school age children to meet the demands such as the 2900 that signed up for this past summer reading program. The exterior should also be brought up to the standards that are expected of our downtown district.

We must also realize that we must improve our Fire Department to meet the needs of our growing city. The requirements of our parks and our street departments also need to be addressed. To accomplish the needs of the city the proposed bonds are the best solution.

Vote yes to keep Friendswood The Best in America.

Mike Czarowitz
Chairman Library Advisory Board

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