Former Superintendent Chimes in on Friendswood Bonds

In Letter to the Editor by Reporter News

As the former Superintendent of Friendswood ISD, I’m always pleased to support efforts that will benefit our children.  The upcoming City bond election does just that.

The expanded fire protection proposed by Proposition 1, is a benefit to the entire community, including our schools.  The addition of a new fire station on FM 528 is in close proximity to the new Junior high and Windsong Intermediate.  The expansion of the Woodlawn fire station is just down the street from our Westwood/Bales campus.  This is a welcomed piece of mind knowing our children are safe, especially in case of an emergency.

The remodel and expansion of the existing Library, per Proposition 2, includes, among other items, improvements to the children’s area and technology.  An interesting fact about the city, library, students not only participate in special program offerings, but also utilize the library to complete homework assignments and special projects during after school hours.  To have access to new and improved technology at the city library will be a benefit to our students as well as the community.

Proposition 3 includes improvements to most, if not all, of our Parks in town.  In addition to improvements, the purchase of additional park land, potentially enough to carry us to build out, is part of the proposition.  Utilization of parks provides us an opportunity to improve our mind, body and spirit.  No matter your age, we all enjoy parks, especially with our children!

Proposition 4 is for major street maintenance on our more heavily traveled thoroughfares.  Just as each of us wants to have well maintained roads to drive our own vehicles on, the school district has the same objective for school buses carrying our children to and from school each day.

Finally, if you are 65 or older, the minimal increase in taxes will not effect you, as your taxes are frozen.  The young folks of our community will be covering those additional costs, on our behalf, as we are ALL reaping the benefits from many years to come.  These Propositions, while modest and conservative, will help maintain the quality of life we enjoy in Friendswood.  Please join me in voting YES for all 4 Propositions!

Walter Wilson


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