Thefts Continue, but Suspects Caught on Video

In News by Reporter News

While police have not made any arrests in a continuing crime spree in the Wilderness Trails Subdivision — they are one step closer this week.

Two young while males were captured on video entering a garage in the 900 block of Falling Leaf, according to reports. The suspects then stole an Igloo cooler and assorted beers. Investigators are now working to enhance the video to identify the pair.

Increased vigilance from neighbors and security cameras don’t appear to deter them, however. One day after being caught on camera, another garage on W. Castlewood Ave. was burglarized. Missing was a 28-quart Igloo cooler. Alcohol was again taken from another garage on Bayou Oak Drive, police said.

Similar thefts, along with cases of vandalism, began in Wilderness Trails on Oct. 15, and have continued. Police believe the suspects lives in the area and are likely on foot.

Meanwhile, Friendswood Police warn that incidences of daytime “kick-in” burglaries are continuing, with suspects usually ringing the front doorbell first to see if anyone is home.

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