Dawson prevails against Galena Park 57-17

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The final score between Dawson and Galena Park was 51-17. Dawson will continue their season in the playoffs while Galena Park ended their season with the loss.

Those who saw the game on either side probably won’t be telling many people the final score or even the outstanding play of Dawson running back Brett Winnegan who carried the ball only five times for 203 yards while scoring on runs of 78, 51, and 62-yards while catching a 20-yard scoring pass.

What everyone will be talking about, sending out texted messages, tweeting, or putting on face book is when Dawson’s Marc Medina caught his first high school pass and ran 60-yards for his first-ever touchdown.

Medina has been on the Dawson football team for the past four years and he has been faithful to practice every day despite his autism.

He is a team favorite and with Dawson leading 42-7 at halftime with the game well in hand, Dawson head coach Eric Wells visited with Galena Park head coach Dave Handal to let him know they wanted to throw a pass to Medina to open up the third quarter. Wells requested that the Galena Park players not hit him too hard.

But coach Handal did Wells one better. He said his players wouldn’t hit Medina at all as he wanted this young man to score a touchdown.

Dawson QB Ross Wicklund tossed the ball to Medina who made an excellent catch. He then took off down the sideline and the Galena Park players, who wanted to also see him score, would dive to tackle him without any threat of hitting him, as Medina would continue his 60-yard scoring jaunt while fans on both sides of the stadium cheered him on as he scored a touchdown.

“Marc’s touchdown is one of the most touching moments I’ve ever been a part of,” Dawson offensive coordinator Ryan Silvertooth said. “Marc has been with us all four years and has done everything everyone else has done to prepare. Coach Handal is first-class in my book for allowing Marc to not only catch the pass, but insisting on him scoring.

“Something like this reassures us as coaches that we do this for the right reasons and it’s not all about wins and losses. We as coaches at Dawson will always be grateful to the coaching staff at Galena Park and their players for allowing this to happen. When our players carried Marc off of the field from the end zone after he scored, it will always be something that I will never forget.”

Neither will all those who witnessed such a priceless moment.

As for the game, Dawson easily coasted to the win as the Eagles finished the regular season with an 8-2 mark while Galena Park closed out at 5-5 while missing the playoffs.

Joining Winnegan in the scoring parade was Tony Upchurch who scored on a 26-yard run. Jhordan Mattox-Williams caught a 26-yard scoring toss from Wicklund. Tyler Day hit a 41-yard field goal to close out the 51-17 win.

Wicklund hit 8-of-14 passing for 155 yards and three TDs with one INT.

Upchurch had three rushes for 54 yards and a TD and three catches for 29 yards. Medina had 1 catch for 60 yards and one TD. Mattox-Williams had one grab for 26 yards and a score. Winnegan had one reception for 20 yards and a TD.

The Eagles had 503 total yards while Galena Park had 254 total yards.

Dawson (8-2) will face the Foster Falcons (5-5) on Friday, Nov. 15 at 7:30 p.m. at CCISD Stadium in League City in the opening round of the 4A Region III Div. I playoffs.

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