PISD Build-Out Reached at 22,000

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The Pearland school district is “maturing,” according to enrollment projections.

PISD’s fall enrollment of 20,025 students represents just under 2 percent growth, Bob Templeton of Templeton Demographics said during a report to the board Nov. 11.

“One thing that jumps out is kindergarten through third, your youngest four grades, is 5,851,” he said. “Your middle four grades, fourth through eighth, is 6,422. And your high school grades are 5,824. The district is maturing, so your largest grades are those middle school grades headed toward high school, so we are definitely at a position where you are nearing build out. You’re not quite at build out, but you’re getting closer because there’s just not the raw land to produce large numbers of single family homes.”
This was taken into account when the company did Pearland ISD’s enrollment projections.

A five-year enrollment growth of 1,414 students would put the district’s enrollment in 2017 at 21,218. Ten-year enrollment would be 1,828, putting total enrollment in 2023 at 21,853 students, Templeton predicted.
Because some schools will quickly are at capacity while others are under, rezoning may be unavoidable without other solutions.

“If we come to the conclusion that Lawhon and Carleston (elementaries) have basically come to the end of their role as they are, we could rebuild Lawhon and Carleston with more capacity than they now have,” Superintendent John Kelly reflected.

But a facility study is still in the works, and Nov. 11’s report was simply an overview of enrollment projections.

“Potentially we’ll workshop all this together to find out short term and long-term goals on what we need to do,” Board President Rusty DeBorde said.

Because the largest grades putting the most pressure on middle and junior highs now, those campuses will see relief once the large classes work through. In the high school level, however, significant growth lies ahead.

Dawson High will hit 2,200 and Pearland High will hit 2,600 in a 5-to-7-year window, Templeton said.

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