Council Authorizes Acquisition of Utility Easement

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In a light agenda, Manvel city council authorized the city’s controller to reallocate funds of $22,000 to allow the acquisition of a 25 foot utility easement to be utilized for the water/wastewater utilities planned for state highway 6 to state hwy 288. Efforts have been on-going for months as Mayor Martin and city officials work to finalize the necessary easements that will allow the construction of the utilities to commence. Manvel’s Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) agreed to underwrite the cost some time back but securing the easements have proven difficult to get done. Money had been budgeted for the easement acquisitions so the funds will not be contributing to any budget pressures.

Dan Johnson, Manvel’s consulting civil engineer, told council the acquisition of the easement is preferable to acquiring it in fee due to the land remaining on city tax rolls. Because the city does not own the land taxes will still be collected. He explained that it will “work for both of us” as it will not impede the owner’s use of the property because it will maintain the requisite 25 foot setback required in city ordinances.

Council also approved updates to the city’s Design Criteria Manual which was first adopted in 2008. Mayor Delores Martin explained its origination as “critical to have to give to the developers when they came in.” Dan Johnson stated it as a good way to “standardize everything.” The manual contains subdivision improvement standards for all development within the city or its extra territorial jurisdiction. According to Dan Johnson, it has undergone updates each year since its adoption. This year he explained there were only about ten changes that were proposed and described them as “fairly minor.”

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