Numbers Support Shop-at-Home Campaign

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Holiday spending isn’t just about finding the perfect gift – but building a better economy in Pearland, local leaders say.

“This year, we are asking residents of Pearland to shop strategically and help build a stronger community,” Pearland Chamber President/CEO Carol Artz-Bucek said.
Sales tax collected from purchases made in Pearland provides funding for improved infrastructure, parks and the quality of life amenities, she emphasized.
“Wouldn’t you rather fund the Pearland park system than some other city’s?” she said.

As Pearland’s population is both fast-growing and diverse, so too are its retail offerings. As more retail centers spring up, there is little need to cross county lines for a shopping spree.

Pearland offers a diverse array of shopping opportunities from boutiques to major shopping retailers, Artz-Bucek said: “Shopping locally helps grow a stronger community by keeping those tax dollars at home.”

A movement to shop at small and family owned businesses recently gained traction through nationwide efforts such as the holiday shopping related Small Business Saturday campaign.

Simply put: Shopping locally creates jobs. But there are also local benefits in shopping local versions of national chains, even big boxes, which equal a big plus sign in sales tax revenue collected by the city.

Sales tax collections have been looking good for the city, with a nearly 9 percent increase in collections in the first half of 2013 vs. the prior year, according to the Pearland Economic Development Corp.

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