The mayor presents the annual Arbor Day Proclamation to Chris Orlea (City of Pearland Parks Superintendent) and Keep Pearland Beautiful Board President Debbie Cooley.

Arbor Tree Give Away

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On January 8, 2014 Keep Pearland Beautiful celebrated Arbor Day with an annual tree seedling giveaway. Over 200 people came by our two locations and picked up seedlings to nurture and grow into trees. Keep Pearland Beautiful gives away a different assortment of trees and shrubs every year to increase the diversity of trees within the city of Pearland.

We still have seedlings in our office (American Beautyberry, Swamp Chestnut Oak, PawPaw, Pecan, Southern Crabapple, and Laurel Oak). Information about these trees can be found on our website ( Please come by our offices at 3523 Liberty Dr, Pearland, TX 77581 9AM-3PM Monday through Fridays until January 24, 2014 to get some seedlings. On January 25, 2014 we will be taking the remaining seedlings to the Farmer’s Market (8AM-Noon in Zychlinski Park 2243 Grand Blvd. Pearland, Texas 77581) to give them away.

Trees are an essential part of our native landscape and to our ecosystem in general. They produce the oxygen we breathe and help cool our homes by providing shade. Trees give us many benefits that can be calculated by complex formulas. Casey Trees and Davy Tree Expert Companies have developed an online calculator that can tell you the value of a tree on your property.

Basically you just have to know the type of tree and it’s diameter. The diameter of a tree is typically measured at 4.5 feet high on the tree (about chest high on an average size man). To calculate the diameter you can measure the circumference at that height with a tape measure and divide that number by pi (3.142). Then visit the following website:

There are several great websites that you can visit to learn more about trees and how to take care of them:


If you have questions regarding your trees, shrubs or flowers, please contact the City of Pearland Urban Forester John Walters at [email protected] or 281.652.1983. The Urban Forester is unable to make house calls, but if you would like to send digital photos of your tree questions or concerns, please do so to the email address above. The urban forester is happy to provide the public with pertinent information or provide a program or informational workshop to your group or classroom.

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