City Considers Changing Charter

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If recommended changes to the city’s charter go through, Pearland’s city council will be adding two members in the May 2015 election.

A review of the city’s charter yielded a number of recommended changes, including going from five voting members of council to seven members.

“One of those seats would be an initial, 2-year-term and the other would be a 3-year term, and that would be to maintain the staggered terms,” City Attorney Darin Coker told the council during a discussion Monday.
The Charter Review Commission’s other recommendations include clarifications and removal of departments that are obsolete.

Citizen initiatives, whereby residents can petition to propose legislation to the council, also drew a proposed change. The change gives the city the ability to make changes to these initiatives only to comply with federal or state law, Coker said.

“The gives staff, or the council, the authority to make changes to proposed legislation that’s come to the city through the initiative process, so we not passing a law that is not enforceable possibly,” he said.
Council members had concerns about some of the proposed changes, including the timeline of adding the new council members. City staff agreed to reach out to the commission’s members for more input.

The review commission was chaired by Dale Pillow. The council thanked the members for their service.

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