City Acquires New Police Vehicles

In News by Reporter News

The Manvel Police Department has put into service three new patrol vehicles. At a cost of approximately $37,400 each including the communications and electronic equipment, Chevy Tahoes will replace a 2003 Expedition, 2003 Crown Victoria, and a 2008 Crown Victoria.

The police fleet now includes the three new Tahoe’s, two 2010 Crown Victoria’s, and one 2008 Crown Victoria.

The Tahoes include new cages, radars, video systems, and updated City of Manvel police markings. The city is processing a grant application for new radios for all the vehicles and expects to hear if the grant was approved in the next 60 days or so.

The City will either sell the retired vehicles or re-purpose them by moving them to the Public Works or Code Enforcement Departments.

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