Highway 35 Reaches Construction Milestone

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State Highway 35 construction will soon be coming to a close. The opening of two additional inside lanes marks a significant milestone in the state Highway 35 construction project which is a partnership between the City of Pearland and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Over the next couple of months, final construction and traffic signal work will be completed.

The project began in fall 2009 and aimed to alleviate congestion and implement safety improvements that would accommodate future traffic needs. Included in the project plan was the expansion of a 4–lane undivided roadway between Beltway 8 and Orange Street and a 4 –lane roadway between Orange and FM 518 to a 6 –lane street that with a concrete curb, gutter, underground storm sewer and a raised median with landscaping.

“The continual progress made on this project moves us closer to enacting Quiet Zones in the area,” said Trent Epperson, Capital Projects & Engineering Director.

“The partnership forged between local and state officials means that horns will no longer need to be used as trains travel down state Highway 35 in Pearland,” he continued.

Once the signal at FM518 and state Highway 35 is completed, the City can apply to enact a Quiet Zone. Established by the Federal Railroad Administration, quiet zones direct railroads to cease the routine sounding their horns when approaching public highway-rail grade crossings.

The 2013 average daily traffic (ADT) in this segment of state Highway 35 was 31,800. Traffic volumes are projected to increase to 49,200 ADT by 2035.

One notable construction improvement includes the added enhanced safety measures at the crossings at Walnut Street, FM518 and Orange Street. The City has spent approximately $4.9 million to relocate City water and sewer utilities to accommodate the widening and approximately $1.6 million on constructing ponds for floodplain mitigation in support of the roadway project. At the conclusion of the project, TxDOT will have spent about $28 million on the roadway widening.

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