Neighborhood Center Needs Fans

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The holiday season may draw attention to charity and goodwill, but the most crucial time for needy families in Texas hardly involves snow.

As summer heats up and schools prepare for vacation, the Pearland Neighborhood Center is asking the community for much needed supplies to help struggling local families with children and senior citizens.
In great demand during summer months are box fans and/or the small, portable window unit air conditioning units, new or used, for seniors and families in trailers and on fixed incomes. Many suffer through the Texas heat without central air or without funds to pay for it, PNC volunteers say.

Food for school-aged children, such as oatmeal, cereal bars, snacks, canned ravioli and fruit cups also are becoming scarce.

“When school is out for the summer, these kids either go without eating or the parents come here to get food,” states PNC Manager Deborah Rubestello. “Our food pantry numbers triple during the summer. Most of our donors and sponsors give during the Christmas holiday – however, the needs of our community are all year round.”

Several other items are needed: School supplies as listed on the Pearland ISD website, and baby items, particularly size 4 and 5 diapers, wipes and hygiene items. Also needed are shampoo, soap, toilet paper, deodorant and laundry soap.

The PNC is a multi-service center located at 2335 N. Texas Ave. in Pearland. 281-485-1987.

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