Williams Welcomes Opponents to Pancake Alley

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Willie Williams has a huge appetite for pancakes.

That might not come as a surprise for a 6-foot-3, 277-pound all-state offensive lineman. But we’re not referencing the “Breakfast Club” here.

Pancakes are the ultimate compliment for an offensive lineman. In football lore, it means taking on an opponent and driving him to the ground, preferably on his back. Steamrolled, pancaked, get it?

The big guys in the trenches don’t normally score touchdowns or kick game-winning field goals, but they live for these moments. Williams is motivated by facing the top opposing linemen and linebackers.

“In the Lamar game last year I was up against a Baylor-commit and I was able to handle him,” he said. “Then again in the state championship (Allen), there was this highly-decorated defensive tackle. I kept putting him on his back. “

It’s a game within a game.

Pearland head coach Tony Heath says Williams is the complete package.

“Willie has great size and flexibility to go along with quick feet,” he said. “He’s also strong in his academics.”

Williams says that strong academics has always been a priority in his family.

“My parents and grandparents stressed academics,” he said. “If I don’t excel in the books, there’s no football. They go hand in hand.”

Williams has also found a connection on the football field. While he’s monitoring “pancake alley,” running back and good friend JaColbie Butler is usually exploring the vacancy.

“You have to go through Willie to get to me,” Butler said. “Then you have to catch me.”

Williams was born May 29, 1997 and his birth sign is Gemini. His favorite subject in school is science and the senior is considering a college major in some type of engineering. His favorite colors are red and black. His favorite meal is eggplant parmesan.

He loves to play video games and if he could solve a world problem it would be equality issues. His favorite professional athlete is center Patrick Lewis of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“Lewis is not the biggest guy around but he gets the job done,” Williams said.

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