Recycling Effort at 100% in Pearland Schools

In Lifestyle by Reporter News

Until schools become paperless with reading of textbooks and writing done on electronic tablets a lot of paper will continue to be consumed on Pearland campuses. Paper is the number one recyclable commodity at our local schools. Currently 50% of all paper that is consumed in America is recycled. But that means that there is still 50% going to landfills.

Keep Pearland Beautiful has made it a goal to make sure that all of the paper in Pearland schools is recycled. To help schools with paper recycling Keep Pearland Beautiful has provided recycling bins for classrooms and common school work spaces in most of the schools in Pearland.

Most recently, Keep Pearland Beautiful delivered bins to Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary School on Kingsley in Pearland. The teachers and staff were thrilled to receive the bins that replaced smaller cardboard boxes that were unwieldy for their fifth graders who take care of the recycling.

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