A Fond Farewell

In Letter to the Editor by Reporter News

To the citizens of Friendswood and the patrons of the Friendswood Public Library:

In 1979 as a high school sophomore I was hired to be a shelver at the Friendswood Public Library by Claudie Pettigrew. She saw something in the teenage me that she thought was a good fit for the library. She was a great librarian and a wonderful mentor. Since then I have worked a sum total of 31 years serving the public and the City of Friendswood. I was a shelver, a desk clerk and then for the past 17 years I have been the Circulation Manger—the spiky haired face at the front desk.

It has been a pleasure and a joy to see three generations of patrons in and out of the library doors. Children I showed movies to way back when are now bringing their children to the library and that makes my heart sing. It has always been an adventure. I have loved meeting you, talking about books with you and generally just being there for you. I have bandaged wounds, I have helped you to your car with your load of books, taken joy in giving a child their first library card, and recommended authors that you loved (and some not so much). I have been through birth, sickness and death with you. Sometimes you just wanted to talk, so I lent my ear.

My staff: the last two years I have supervised the most wonderful, supportive, and hardest working circulation staff that any manger could want. What an absolute pleasure it has been serving you as well. I hope you learned as much from me, as I have learned from you.

My sudden retirement did not give me time to say a proper goodbye to the citizens, patrons and co-workers that I dearly love. So this is my goodbye. It’s been a pleasure serving you for 31 years. Now I will turn the page and start the next chapter of my life.

Mary Keever
Former Circulation Manager of the Friendswood Public Library

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