Crooks Target Day Care Lots

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Parents dropping off and picking up children are the latest targets of thieves in Friendswood, where police say car burglaries are happening in day care center parking lots when parents are inside for only minutes.

“These suspects are bold,” the Friendswood Police Department states in a release. “They will commit these offenses in close proximity to occupied businesses or witnesses, and will use stolen identification, credit cards and checks shortly after the offense is committed.”

Police warn residents not to leave valuables of any kind in vehicles. Several of the incidents involved items left in plain sight.

One of the victims is a mom who left her vehicle to go inside the Friendswood Montessori School, 811 Friendswood Drive, for about 5 to 10 minutes. When she returned, her purse, wallet, cell phone and GPS were all gone, according to police reports. A witness saw a small white car pull up next to her vehicle, where it remained for a short time and left – and police believe this may be the suspect vehicle.

Only two hours later, another parent was picking up her child at For Children Only Day Care, 1415 Friendswood Dr., and was also inside only 10 minutes. Her purse was stolen during that time, police said.
The thieves have accessed cars either by unlocked doors or by breaking windows, according to reports.

To help combat these types of thefts, Friendswood Police offer the following tips:

  • Lock car doors and roll up windows.
  • Don’t leave valuables in the car; hiding them does not work. Take them with you.
  • Set your car alarm or anti-theft device.
  • Park in well lit, crowded areas.
  • Be your “brother’s keeper.” Watch out for each other.
  • Be aware of surroundings, suspicious people and vehicles.
  • If something looks out of place, call 911 or Friendswood dispatch at 281-996-3300.
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