Security Ranks High for FISD Parents

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Secure campuses and effective, compassionate teachers ranked the top of the list in what parents want from the Friendswood school district, according to a recent survey.

The September survey conducted by the school district garnered 2,214 responses, or just over 61 percent of the families in FISD, district officials said, with grade levels of respondents’ children being “representative of the district.”

The results were presented at the school board’s regular October meeting. The surveys questioned what characteristics parents used to judge the quality of a school district, as well as questions about homework, standards, technology and overall satisfaction.

Second to secure schools and effective teachers was a strong college prep program, followed by frequent communication between schools and parents and student use of technology.

Included in the responses were nearly 1,400 answers to open ended questions about the district’s strengths. According to FISD’s summary of results, responses indicated FISD has “great teachers who care about kids, involved parents with a community that supports the schools and a strong academic focus with high achieving results.”

Fewer comments, or 865, were received about “critical problems facing the district,” the report said. “The themes taken from these comments were recruitment and retention of quality staff, perception of drug and alcohol use with secondary students and consistent communication.”

In other main survey questions, the majority of parents who responded, or nearly 72 percent, felt the amount of homework given overall is “just about right.” Another 16.5 percent believe the amount of homework is too much, 7.6 percent said it was too little, while 3.9 percent had no opinion.

The majority of respondents either strongly agreed or agreed that the level of difficulty of homework given is appropriate.

Most also agreed their children’s schools were making effective use of technology both in the classroom and as a communication tool, and 97.6 percent said their children had access to the internet outside of school.

The results of the survey will be used in forming the district’s upcoming strategic plan, FISD said. The electronic survey was announced through letters and email reminders.

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