This Small Business is Smaller than Usual

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Patrons of Dunn Brothers Coffee may have noticed the shiny new candy dispenser when grabbing their latte lately. What they probably don’t know is the unlikely entrepreneur that owns the machine is six-year-old James Collier.

“My boys, like most kids, want a lot of things” said Margaret Collier, James’ mother, “My husband and I were determined that they wouldn’t grow up having everything handed to them. So we worked out a deal where I would buy a new machine and he would work paying me off into his plan.”

When asked why he chose to get into the gumball business, James’ response was very matter of fact. “Because they are really delicious.”

In addition to paying off his loan, James is paying rent for the machine and has hired his four-year-old brother, Michael, to help out.

Michael, inspired by his brother, intends to start a business of his own someday. “One with toys”, he said.

Margaret is hopeful that the candy business will teach her sons a thing or two about handling money and taking responsibility. “My husband and I wished that we’d learned more about saving and investing before we made it into our 30s.”

Whether or not the business will take off is yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure, the experience James and Michael are getting is priceless.

Dunn Brothers is located at 201 S. Friendswood Drive in Friendswood.

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