E. C. Mason Students Honor Lost Peer

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On the morning of November 18th, E.C. Mason Elementary students marched to the sounds of Everything is Awesome, the theme song from the Lego Movie, during a special “Legos for Landon” parade in honor of Landon Liptack. Landon, a former student of E.C. Mason who recently passed away in a plane crash while flying with his father, loved playing with Legos.

“He would build for hours at a time,” mentioned Charlotte Liptack, mother of Landon, and principal of Manvel High School.

Each morning Landon would stop by the room of Angie Martinez, who is the art teacher at E.C. Mason, to build Legos. “He was always so full of life and thoroughly enjoyed building Legos before the start of each school day,” said Martinez.

As a special tribute to Landon and his love for Legos, students of E.C. Mason Elementary were given the opportunity to use their creativity and thoughtfulness to build a special Lego project, that would be showcased during the parade on Landon’s birthday. Students of all ages and grade levels participated, in an effort to show their love for Landon. Some of the students created spaceships, helicopters, and cars. While others showed off their skills by creating tall buildings. One student even built a special Lego birthday cake with a number 10 candle on top of it, which represented how old Landon would have been.

“This was a great opportunity for us to allow the students to remember Landon on his special day,” said Renae Rives, principal of E.C. Mason.
Landon’s mother provided five of his closest friends with Lego sets that belonged to him for use during the parade. The students excitedly shared creations built utilizing their close friends’ Lego sets. Upon completion of the parade the friends presented a special gift to Liptack, an origami owl locket, which was purchased by a team of parents and staff members. The locket was significant because it included a blue gem, which was Landon’s favorite color, his initials “LL”, and a heart and a cross in honor of his mother’s love, strength and strong faith. The gift presentation was preceded by a group prayer with family and staff, and concluded with refreshments and continued words of encouragement.

“There has been a tremendous amount of love, support, and prayers that have come from the community, Manvel High School, and Alvin ISD. The constant prayers and support have given me comfort and have allowed me to really feel loved,” said Liptack.

Liptack was joined by her mother Linda Chelette, and sisters Melissa Cornwell, Chenea Taylor, Cheree Black and Chantel Bedlington, along with a host of Alvin ISD administrators, faculty, staff and close friends.

“Landon loved E.C. Mason and Manvel High School. Being at Manvel is very comforting for me, especially since he looked forward to one day being a Maverick. I love being around the students, as they are the reason I get up every day.”

Liptack mentioned that she takes it one day at a time, and will do her best to keep Landon’s memory alive. One way that Liptack is doing so is by partnering with the Alvin ISD Education Foundation to create a scholarship fund in his honor. The Landon Liptack Scholarship will be available every year beginning this year for a Manvel High School student. For details in regards to making a donation to the scholarship fund in honor of Landon, contact the Education Foundation at 281-331-2586.

“Landon loved life and lived it to the fullest, and I will continue to do the same in his honor,” added Liptack.

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