Brittany Dreams of Africa

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Brittany Harris is not your average 14 year old girl. She enjoys baking just as much as the next girl, but unlike the other girls, Brittany bakes with purpose.

In 2010, at just nine years old, Brittany attended a church event where should learned that over one billion people in the world have no access to clean water. She returned home that night determined to make a difference. This was the beginning of Brittany’s Dream, a fundraising effort aimed at raising money to build fresh water wells in Africa.

Brittany, with help from her parents and siblings, started baking pies and cake balls to sell to friends and family, but rather than charge them, Brittany asked that they give whatever they normally would pay to charity instead.

Five years later, Brittany’s efforts have grown exponentially. “The first year I baked around 60 pies and dozens of cake balls. The second year, we did about the same. But, the third year we baked around 100 pies and 60 dozen cake balls.” Brittany said, “And last year we baked over 200 pies and 70 dozen cake balls!”

In 2013 Brittany raised $17,000 and this year her goal is to exceed $20,000. In order to meet her goal, Brittany is going to be baking as well as organizing the Walk for Water. Participants will pledge to walk up to three miles with a bucket of water to raise money and awareness about the difficulty of finding clean water in less fortunate parts of the world. The event will take place on Sunday, December 7th in Stevenson Park starting at 3pm.

Anyone interested in making a contribution, volunteering, or participating in the Walk for Water can sign up at

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