Lots of people carrying buckets of water on their heads

Walk for Water Makes a Big Splash

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On Sunday, December 7th, dozens of dedicated locals turned out to participate in the First Annual Walk for Water and learned just how lucky they are to get fresh water from a tap.

The event, organized by local charity Brittany’s Dream and led by it’s 14 year old founder, Brittany Harris, brought in a whopping $4,000. That puts the organization just shy of this year’s ambitious $20,000 goal. Brittany’s Dream raises money to fund the construction of fresh water wells in Africa.

Participants carried buckets of water on their heads as they walked up to three miles around Stevenson Park. The concept was both fun as well as eye-opening. Many women in Africa make a similar trip up to five times a day.

If you want to help Brittany reach her record-setting goal of $20,000 this year, please visit her website at www.brittanysdream.com.

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