Christmas Spirit Rampant in Local Restaurant

In Lifestyle by Reporter News

receiptOn Thursday, December 11th, an anonymous customer decided to spread a little cheer by “paying it forward” at local restaurant, Kelley’s Country Cookin’.

Unsuspecting customers were greeted with a simple message on their receipt: “Paid, Merry Christmas, Pay it Forward.”

Restaurant employee, Shelley Hedin was not surprised at all. “This happens at Kelley’s all the time. It is rare for a Pearland Police Officer or senior citizen to pay for their own meal here, even when they are dining in groups,” said Shelley. “Just last week a customer gave me $100 and asked if we would pay for the meals for customers in need.”

Coincidently, the restaurant motto is, “We believe you only get what you pay for…but at Kelley’s you get more than you pay for.”

Kelley’s Restaurant was established by J.W. Kelley Sr. in 1984. His son, Ron Kelley, is the owner of the Pearland location at 2933 East Broadway.

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