Flashing in Friendswood

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Friendswood drivers may notice flashing yellow arrows in an increasing number of city intersections.

The Texas Department of Transportation recently reviewed and adjusted the city’s intersection signals for better traffic flow.

Flashing yellow arrow left-turn signals are a new standard for signals where a driver must yield to oncoming traffic to turn left, TxDOT announced, and research has shown that this new signal is “safer, more efficient and a more consistent approach for left-turn lanes.”

The change is already coming to Friendswood, as City Manager Roger Roecker explained to council on Dec. 8.

These will be installed at intersections with signals that allow left turns and provide that motorists yield to oncoming traffic.
TxDOT was set to install the “FYAs” – or flashing yellow arrows – last week at two intersections along FM 518: one at Eagle Lakes Drive and the other at West Blvd.

“They are different,” Roecker said of the new signals, “and more will be coming down the road.”
According to TxDOT, research has shown that the new flashing yellow arrow signals are safer and more easily understood by drivers than the traditional “yield on green” signals.

TxDOT says the flashing yellow arrow signals will be gradually phased in to replace the traditional circular green signals currently used to let drivers know that they must yield on green to turn left.

The Federal Highway Administration approved flashing yellow arrow signals for widespread use in 2009.

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