Deacons of Deadwood donate to PNC

In News by Reporter News

The Deacons of Deadwood Motorcycle Club rode into Pearland with a message of “Merry Christmas” and a load of toys to distribute through the Santa’s Helper Program at the Pearland Neighborhood Center.

The riders are from all over the Houston area. They are business men and women, politicians, artists, oilmen, car dealers, motorcycle dealers, motorcycle mechanics, commercial pilots, computer geeks, college professors, bankers, night club and restaurant owners and various entrepreneurs. This riding club supports non-profits through out the year. Check out the website for membership and information at

“The Pearland Neighborhood Center is grateful for the attention and donations of this prestigious group of business men and women,” said Naomi Stevens, president of the Pearland Neighborhood Center. “This benevolent motorcycle riding group has given more than a million dollars to Houston area charities, we are excited to have been on their list this year!”

With the help of volunteers and the PNC board of directors, the Santa’s Program will assist over 400 families in need this Christmas season. For information on adopting a family for Christmas this year, call the Center at 281-485-1987.

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