Streetlight plan in place for city

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Pearland residents who notice streetlight outages can report them directly to CenterPoint, according to the city.

In response to issues concerning streetlights, the city in 2012 put in place a reporting system for outages, Deputy City Manager Jon Branson stated. As part of that process, the public works department surveys the city three times per year after normal business hours to determine which street lights are out within the city. Once those surveys are complete, the list of outages is sent to CenterPoint for repair, Branson noted.

Despite this, former City Councilman Larry Marcott appeared at the November council meeting to emphasize that outages, particularly on Pearland Parkway, continue to be an issue.

“We’ve had trouble with streetlights on Pearland Parkway since they were installed,” Marcott told the council.

“I’m not going to stop out there and citizens aren’t going to stop out there to get a pole number in the dark with the traffic,” he said.

Marcott has addressed council in the past and has also sent reports via emails to CenterPoint about the issue. Since the city is billed for streetlight services regardless of whether all the lights are working or not, he said the issue is throwing money away for services residents aren’t getting.

Those reporting outages to CenterPoint are asked to provide a pole number, contact information, an email address and the number of lights he or she wishes to report. Streetlight outages can also be reported using a map online.

Report outages to CenterPoint online at

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