Alvin ISD enrollment continues to soar

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Student enrollment continues to soar in Alvin ISD as the number of families moving into communities within the District increases. The student enrollment growth is driven by the development of new homes, numerous multi-family housing units, and the addition of new master planned communities.

The west side of the 252 square mile district has seen the largest increase in student enrollment, based largely on its proximity to Downtown Houston and the Medical Center. Numerous new home developments, such as Meridiana, Pomona, and Sedona Lakes have increased housing production in this area, and will continue to do so. In the second quarter alone, 773 new homes were started within the school boundaries of Alvin ISD, with 1,403 vacant developed lots ready to begin construction in the near future.

The Alvin ISD Board of Trustees recently received a presentation from Templeton Demographics. Templeton provides a bi-annual report on the areas of Alvin ISD that are experiencing the greatest amounts of growth. In addition, he provides the District with projections, up to 10 years out, illustrating how this growth will impact student enrollment, and school capacity.

This year alone, Alvin ISD schools welcomed more than 1,000 new students, which places a strain on the already packed facilities. 18 out of 23 Alvin ISD campuses have reached permanent building capacity, which is the number of students that the facility was originally built for. 13 out of 23 campuses have exceeded not only the permanent building capacity, but have even surpassed the flex capacity. Flex capacity, also known as temporary capacity, is the additional space added to facilities by utilizing temporary buildings, or repurposing areas of the building not originally designed to be used as a classroom.

Community support of past school bond elections has enabled the District to add the needed classrooms by building new schools and expanding older ones. The most recent campus, Dr. James “Red” Duke Elementary, which is located in Manvel, near the Pearland Town Center, opened over its student capacity. Construction of Manvel Junior High and Shadow Creek High School are currently under way. Manvel Junior High is scheduled to open August 2015, while Shadow Creek High School will open at the start of the 2016 school year. Plans are also under way for the construction of Bill Hasse Elementary in Alvin, and Elementary 16 in the new home development of Meridiana, located in Manvel.

“The opening of the new campus will alleviate some of the overcrowding; however, when more than 1,000 new students are coming to Alvin ISD every year, providing our students with needed classrooms and instructional spaces continues to be a top priority,” said Daniel Combs, Alvin ISD director of communications.

According to Templeton Demographics, “The District will continue to need additional facilities to accommodate the continued influx of students. It is expected that within five years Alvin ISD will welcome more than 5,000 additional students which will increase total enrollment from the current 20,914, to nearly 26,000.”

“Our mission is to provide engaging and meaningful educational opportunities for every Alvin ISD student, in a safe and secure learning environment,” said Dr. Elizabeth Veloz-Powell, deputy superintendent of academics. “In order for our educators to continue the trend of providing outstanding learning opportunities for every student every day, we must continue to plan for solutions that provide our students with the needed instructional spaces.”

Alvin ISD is located just south of Houston, within minutes of the medical center, and other big city amenities. With a district that covers more than 250 square miles, comes an array of options and opportunities for the citizens.
Alvin ISD spans across multiple cities, some of which include Pearland, Manvel, Rosharon, Iowa Colony, and of course Alvin.

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