Ruiz and Lowe receive top city honor

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City Manager Clay Pearson recently named Utility Billing Specialist, Ruben Ruiz (full-time) and Recreation Attendant, Shelby Lowe (part-time) as 2014 Employees of the Year. Pearson said their dedication and proactive attitudes make them exemplary examples of the standards reflected in the core beliefs of the City.

The City of Pearland “Employee of the Year” award recognizes employees that exemplify the core beliefs of the City by serving as responsive, results-oriented, trust-building, accountable employees. Award recipients provide exemplary service to the City by displaying a positive attitude, meeting specific goals or accomplishments during the year, performing above and beyond assigned work duties, going out of his/her way to assist fellow employees and citizens, exhibiting outstanding work ethics, and/or offering new and innovative ideas resulting in improvement of services or processes.

Ruben Ruiz is a Utility Billing Specialist and has been with the City for 2 years. One of the primary functions of Ruben’s role is working with customers who have delinquent bills. While this is not always a pleasant task, Ruiz is always pleasant and willing to help residents in need, always going out of his way. In one instance, when a customer would not have received water service when requested, he volunteered to go out and turn the water service on personally, though this responsibility is not included in his job description. A coworker remarked, “He sets an example daily by speaking positively, completing his work on time, responding promptly to residents and staff and always taking accountability for his actions.”

Shelby Lowe is a Recreation Attendant in the Parks & Recreation Department and has been with the City for 2 years. Lowe continually excels in her role by going above and beyond to help members and guests by providing facility tours of the Recreation Center & Natatorium and registering new members and guests after hours. Lowe’s commitment to exceptional customer service always leaves Pearland residents with a great first impression of the City. She is quick to respond to resident questions and volunteer for additional duties. In 2014, she worked to execute the Daddy Daughter Date Night event, an added responsibility that she took on because she had an interest. She has also been instrumental in training other part-time staff members, even creating a chart to counteract mistakes commonly made by new employees.

Both Ruiz and Lowe have shown their commitment to excellence and the core beliefs of the City and receive the top city honor for their efforts.


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