ACC Faculty Writes Book on College Readiness

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Entering college for the first time can be a stressful experience for any student. Alvin Community College Psychology and Sociology instructor Dr. Jean Raniseski recently published a new textbook for a course that prepares students for college life.

Students in the Psychology 1300 course, an student orientation program, began using the book College Success: Before, During and After this fall. Raniseski had been writing the book for more than a year.

“It focuses mostly on success skills,” she said. “They are the basic skills you have to have to be successful in college.”

Some students are required to take Psychology 1300 course in learning strategies when they first enroll at ACC.

The course covers a lot information that college students need to succeed with their education. Some of the topics taught include time management, stress management, financial issues and study skills. ACC statistics from the past five years show students who complete PSYC 1300 have higher GPAs and are more likely to graduate from college.

Raniseski’s book covers many skills such as testing, taking notes in class, time management and much more. The content is written to appeal to young students and includes engaging material such as puzzles and quizzes.

“It has a workbook component as well,” Raniseski said.

Her primary motivation for writing College Success was simply that there wasn’t a textbook on the market that was best-suited for her orientation class. The college has also used several different books in recent years.

“We couldn’t find a book we liked,” she said. “If you have the ideas and you can’t find what you want, write your own.”

She is already making changes for an upcoming second edition, which will be available to instructors teaching similar courses at other colleges. The latest version of the book may include other aspects of college life such as delivering presentations, public speaking and more.

“I’m looking forward to the second edition,” she said. “I am very pleased with the content.”

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