City of Pearland to change waste collection schedules

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Updating routes to improve collection services, Waste Management, Inc., the City’s waste collection provider, has modified existing residential routes. Collection days for Pearland residents will be updated beginning Monday, Feb. 2, in an effort to implement new, more efficient routes for garbage, green waste and recycling.

Waste Management performed the last comprehensive citywide reroute more than 10 years ago. Since that time, the City of Pearland has grown exponentially and the population growth warrants a new waste service reroute plan to improve the efficiency of waste collection. The change maintains the current service level of two times per week and alleviates the need to collect garbage, recycling and green waste on additional days throughout the week.

“We’ve worked with Waste Management to streamline operations without compromising the quality of service that residents expect from us,” said Pam Thompson, Utility Services Manager.

Additionally, with the new routes, staff and equipment will be exclusively assigned to the City of Pearland and the reroute will eliminate the need for fill-in drivers and trucks, which can lead to missed pick ups.

The change also provides an environmental benefit with fewer trucks on Pearland streets. Another highlight of the change is that the dense Shadow Creek residential area is separated from other routes, which allows for improved service.

For more information on the route change or to view collection service maps, visit

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