Rodeo Palms to resume building

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Manvel city council approved the first reading of an ordinance that would lift the moratorium on property development within the boundaries of MUD 29, which services the Rodeo Palms subdivision. The moratorium was initially issued in June 2013 due to insufficient water capacity being available to residents. Existing wells failed to produce at the capacity they were designed for and council authorized the building moratorium until MUD engineers, with verification from the city’s engineer, could verify sufficient capacity is present to adequately serve current residents and to accommodate new development within the subdivision.

A new well was required to be constructed and took nearly a year to complete. City Manager Kyle Jung told council that reports have been submitted and verified that confirm the new well is up and running and certify that the MUD is able to provide ample water capacity for the entire district. The attorney for the MUD said that there is now produced more water than will be needed to finish out the district.

Subsequent to the vote to lift the moratorium, council approved the addition of land to be annexed into MUD 29. A second reading and approval is required before the action can be realized and builders will be able to renew their construction activities at that time.

Rodeo Palms residents had been living under a rationing program for more than a year. To fund the new well, MUD taxpayers were hit with an increase in their tax rate last year from .80 cents per $100 valuation to .94 cents per $100 valuation. In addition to their MUD tax, Rodeo Palms residents also bear the city water tax that all Manvel citizens pay of .58 cents. Builders will also be hit with higher costs as they will be required to pay a $500 fee over and above the customary water connection charges for each new home once the moratorium is lifted.

In other news concerning Rodeo Palms, council approved the first reading of three ordinances that will add stop signs at various locations in the subdivision. A four-way stop will be implemented at the intersection of San Simeon Drive at Santa Clara Drive. A stop sign will be placed on Rodeo Drive in both north and south bound directions at the intersection with Palm Desert. And a stop sign will be installed in the south bound direction of Royal Rose Drive at Oakland Park Drive. A second reading is required and it is expected council will approve it at its next meeting on January 26. It is hoped the signs will help reduce speeding vehicles through the subdivision and will create a safer environment for residents.

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