Property Tax deadline approaching

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Ro’Vin Garrett, Brazoria County Tax Assessor-Collector wants to remind county taxpayers the last day to pay property taxes without addition of penalty and interest is fast approaching.

“Normally January 31 is the last day to pay,” said Garrett.

Garrett continued, “January 31 falls on Saturday this year. State law requires the delinquency date be extended to the next business day, which is February 1. All tax payments received in person, online, or post marked NO LATER than February 1, will be accepted as a timely payment.”

Garrett wants taxpayers to know all of the different ways to pay property taxes. “All Brazoria County Tax Office locations accept cash, money orders, over-the-counter credit cards, and debit cards, but I do encourage credit card and electronic check customers to ‘Go Online and Avoid Standing in Line’ by visiting the tax roll on line at There they will find a link to a searchable tax roll in order to locate their account and make an on line payment. Customers can also find information as to the address of all eight tax office locations within the county on this site,” Garrett stated.

Garrett points out there are fees for paying with debit, credit, and electronic check. Those without internet access may pay using a credit card by calling Pay by Phone (toll free) 1-866-549-1010, using Bureau Code #5820032. Partial payments in any amount are accepted.

“I want taxpayers to know that no part of the convenience fee for paying by credit, debit or electronic check is retained by the county. It is paid directly to the third party providing the credit card and electronic check service, as per state law,” Garrett said.

Payments by check or money order (DO NOT mail cash) may be mailed but postmarks are critical. To avoid late penalties, a postmark validation should be obtained from the post office.

“I ask our taxpayers to be aware, regardless of when a mail in payment is received or when it is actually processed, it will be receipted using the date on the USPS cancellation stamp”, said Garrett.

Garrett continued, “Because of the volume of mail received in January it takes a bit longer than usual to process each day’s work. Taxpayers should not worry about being considered late if we do not actually process their payment before February 2 as long as the USPS postmark is February 1 or earlier.”

In addition to the mail, payments may be dropped in the Tax Office drop box located near the office drive-up window at the Angleton office. All payments left in the box are assumed received timely if in the box before start of business the next day.

“For those paying in person, we will do our best to get you in and out of the tax office with your receipt in hand in a timely and professional manner,” concluded Garrett.

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