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Alvin ISD Community,

As I visit with staff members and community groups throughout Alvin ISD, I’m frequently asked my opinion on one program or another, or my stance on various instructional practices. My viewpoint is driven by my personal philosophy of education, which changed significantly in 2005. Prior to that year, I spent time professionally as a business owner, classroom teacher, and campus administrator. My son Ross was 5 years old and I remember walking into his classroom and watching, with concern. He was encouraged to stop activities that he was passionate about to, instead, complete repetitive, mundane worksheets that ultimately had very little educational benefit. It was at that moment my educational philosophy was truly solidified.

When my son Ross, or your son or daughter walk into a classroom in Alvin ISD, I desire for their teacher to build a deep and appropriate relationship with them, as an individual. The insight gained from this relationship, coupled with a profound understanding of the content and standards taught allows teachers to design lessons that help children gain knowledge which will either be applied immediately, or put into long term memory for application down the road.

Teachers are, by nature, empathetic, insightful, caring, and when empowered, are exceptionally innovative. In Alvin ISD, it is our responsibility to spend time and resources providing teachers with the support and tools they need to challenge our students with innovative teaching. Our students interact with the world, almost intuitively, in ways that many of us never would have imagined when we first entered a classroom. Our teachers must be empowered, as professionals, to respond to the diverse needs of every child, which will in turn, equip all students with the tools necessary to achieve success throughout their lives.

To accomplish this goal, our schools and educators must have meaningful partnerships with the community we serve. Schools and communities are one and the same; they cannot be separated. The education of children is the most important responsibility embraced by a thriving community. As I’ve had the opportunity to meet with business owners and community leaders, it is clear that we all desire for our children to achieve academic success, as they gain skills and knowledge that will secure their ability to contribute to the financial and social well-being of our community.

The responsibility placed on Alvin ISD is great; however, it is something we will embrace with great pride and optimism.

Buck Gilcrease, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Alvin Independent School District

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