Council member supports MEDC tax designation

In Letter to the Editor by Reporter News

On May 9, voters will decide how to allocate our local sales tax dollars. While sales tax is paid by anyone (resident or non-resident) who shops or does business in Manvel, we here in Manvel get to decide how we want those tax revenues to be divided.
I’m in favor of designating 1/4% of these sales tax revenues to the Manvel Economic Development Corporation, or MEDC.
The MEDC helps support and generate local business. In fact, sales tax revenues from MEDC are funding the infrastructure improvements you are seeing along Hwy. 6. These new water and sanitary sewer lines are necessary before a large business, such as a grocery store, will build in our community.
The MEDC has wisely invested your sales tax dollars in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. Please join me in voting to reinstate the 1/4% sales tax allocation to MEDC.

Melody Hanson
Member – Manvel City Council
Member – Manvel Economic Development Corporation

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