Grass height ordinance passes first reading

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Owners of overgrown lots in Pearland will have less time to get them under control, according to a revised ordinance that passed a first reading by City Council Monday.

“The guts of this is changing the maximum height from 12 inches to 9 in keeping with surrounding jurisdictions,” City Manager Clay Pearson said.

For those few lots within the city that aren’t being tended, the revised ordinance will allow the city to step in “before those get out of hand,” Pearson told the council.

A vote on a first reading was postponed at council’s March 23 meeting. The measure requires two readings before changes are finalized.

A “forced mow” is conducted on non-compliant properties, after which the city bills the owner. City staff said these are rare, and civil action against a property owner to collect fees even more rare.

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