‘Lake Friendswood Park’ could be open in 2015

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When will residents be able to enjoy Lake Friendswood?

The question has long hung in the air among locals. But with a negotiation for public access in place and design of park amenities under way, Public Works Director Patrick Donart ventured a guess when asked the question by a city council member.

“We’re in control of some things, and not necessarily in control of others,” he said, speaking of public access through the West Ranch subdivision via roads set to be built by Friendswood Development Co.

“We do anticipate them being under construction this summer,” he said.

A ballpark estimate of the park’s opening: “Fall is a good guess, but Spring would probably be more likely,” Donart said.

In an agreement reached with the city, Friendswood Development Co. will build the roadway accessing the park, along with about 55 parking spaces and an automated gate for controlled access.

Also known as “Lake Windemere,” the lake is located southwest of Friendswood Drive between Windemere Road and West Viejo Drive.

The City of Friendswood bought the property in 1993 with plans to develop it into a park, but problems with the lake itself and a neighbor’s lawsuit thwarted those plans. It has remained closed to the public, and police routinely issue citations for those who trespass. Included in the parks improvements bond package that voters approved in 2013, “Lake Friendswood Park,” as it is known referred, also will include a walking trail around the lake, fishing piers and a canoe launch.

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