Planned dog park could be moved

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Unexpected costs of a planned dog park at 1776 Park have prompted city officials to look at the Old City Park area instead.

A report on the feasibility of moving the planned dog park will be given at the May city council meeting during capital projects update. City Council usually meets on the first Monday of each month beginning at 4:30 p.m. at City Hall, 910 S. Friendswood.

Mayor Kevin Holland brought up the possibility March 6 when city staff reported that only certain types of fencing are allowed on the floodway per FEMA requirements.

Because of this, fencing for the site would cost $26,000, with another $5,000 for installation, said Public Works Director Patrick Donart, an amount that far exceeds what was budgeted.

It was the mayor who asked staff to look into other locations and the feasibility of a site at Old City Park, which does not lie in a floodway.

“I know what fences cost,” he said, “and I looked at that price and said, ‘Whoa!’”

“We can save considerable money if we build the dog park (near Old City Park),” he said. “We wouldn’t have to have these break-away fences.”

A dog park was part of the amenities included in a parks improvement plan approved by the City Council in 2012.

The next Friendswood Council meeting is May 4. Public comment sessions are provided.

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