Rockey running for re-election to Pos. 1

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Current City Councilman Steve Rockey is running for re-election to Position 1 on Friendswood City Council. A position which he has served in for the last three years. A Friendswood resident for 16 years, Rockey has two sons who were schooled in Friendswood ISD.

On council, Rockey is the liaison to the Planning and Zoning Committee and to Friendswood Animal Control. He is also the council representative to the Blackhawk Waste Treatment plant.

Councilman Rockey has been part of the leadership on the capital projects plan that will expand the library, add fire stations, add park space and amenities, and repair major roads.

“The main thing I would like to see accomplished in the next three years is completion of most of he work on the capital projects the voters overwhelmingly approved in 2013,” said Rockey. “These were very narrowly defined projects and the council is very closely managing them so they remain on budget and what is built is exactly what the voters wanted.”

Rockey was also part of the council efforts to approve a Farmers Market in Friendswood and the evaluation the city did of its payroll.

Rockey is a chemical engineer by training and considers himself as a person who does his homework and analyzes the facts. Fellow councilmembers have joked that he never makes a decision until he makes a spreadsheet on it, which is not far from the truth.

Rockey has been active in the community for years. Not only volunteering his time on city council but also on the Board of the Friendswood Historical Society, as a former president of the Friendswood Area Swim Team, as a high school swimming referee, and on several Friendswood ISD sub-committees including the Bond Election Committee and Parents Awareness Committee. He recently donated a hand-made wooden rocking chair, which he built himself, to the FISD Education Foundation for auction.

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