PISD seeks to impact cyberbullying

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The Pearland school district is launching an initiative this month designed to curb cyberbullying, with a parent meeting set for May 14.

Announced after staff and school board discussions that focused on mental health and even suicide among teens, the “THINK” initiative is based on an acronym: Consider whether something is true, helpful, important, necessary and kind – before sharing it online.

Parents are invited to the Social Media Parent Night on Thursday, May 14, from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Education Support Center, 1928 N. Main. Licensed therapist Sasha Coles McLean will discuss social media influence on children and teens, and the Pearland Police Department will be on hand to discuss criminal pitfalls of social media.

One example is social media and “anonymous” apps that appear to give users freedom to send or post what they want without consequences. However, law enforcement can indeed track senders of cyberbullying and harassing messages that were supposedly anonymous.

Pearland ISD officials said the goal is to help parents have candid conversations about social media with children, and encourage students to think about their social media use.

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