Wood announces candidacy for City Council Pos. 1

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I, Michael Wood, am running for Friendswood City Council Position #1. I am a U.S. Army Veteran, deployed to the Korean DMZ during the “Pueblo Incident.” I am a retired Houston Police Officer with thirty-four (34) years of service. I attended the University of Houston and graduated from the Houston Police Academy and the Treasury Department Special Agent Academy. I have received numerous commendations, including the 100 Clubs Investigator of the Year Award while working in the Narcotics Division, surviving a gun shot wound while working in an undercover capacity.

I have been a Friendswood resident for over thirty (30) years and until now my politics were limited to speaking at city council during the public speaking forums. My experiences with city council were always positive until July of 2014. During this meeting while speaking about what I considered a lack of investigation regarding a complaint of inappropriate sexual comments in the workplace, by a supervisor at Friendswood Animal Control, I was interrupted and removed from the council meeting. The mayor and council violated the city charter, the law, and their Oath of Office. A video of this event can be viewed at www.friendsofmichaelwood.com and my Facebook page.

I believe a councilperson should listen, be responsive, and accountable to the citizens. My views on issues that I believe face council are:

– FRIENDSWOOD ANIMAL CONTROL: Return this facility to the policies that made it the premier facility in the area. Return to a space available policy and remove the new sixty (60) day kill policy.
– TRANSPARENCY: Conduct all city business in front of citizens at council meetings. Very minimal usage of executive sessions.
– NO BIG BOX STORES-NO NEW MULTIFAMILY UNITS: We are a small land locked community and our quality of life is demographically driven. I believe that the addition of big box stores and more multifamily units can change those demographics in a negative manner.
– POLICE DEPARTMENT: Move the department to a more community oriented style of policing, moving police assets into the neighborhoods to reduce property crimes. Property crimes in Friendswood make up 94% of the reported class I UCR crimes. We need to eliminate the use of our police assets outside of our jurisdiction. I also do not support the citywide camera system being proposed by the police department.

I would appreciate your vote. Early voting dates can be found on my website and Facebook page.

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