Debbie Matlock (third from right) was recently honored for her ten years of service as a School Crossing Guard by (left to right): Mary Jones, Jackie Grasso, Shari Forward, Becky Dunn, Dennis Senter, and Buffy Johnson.

School Crossing Guard serves a decade of students

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Debbie Matlock has been a great helper to Wedgewood Elementary School kids. As a School Crossing Guard, Matlock looked for gaps in the traffic and then made sure the cars were stopped before letting kids cross at the intersection of Friendswood Link Road and Blackhawk Boulevard.

For a few hours each day, every morning and every afternoon of the school year, Matlock saw to it that pee-wee pedestrians made it safely through her area. Being on the job for ten years gave Matlock time to see thousands of kids make it to school and back home. She also saw them grow up.

In Friendswood, School Crossing Guards are employed by the Police Department. “Our School Crossing Guards are some of the ‘unsung heroes’ of the community,” said Police Chief Robert Wieners. “They are out there early, in all kinds of weather, and in close proximity to traffic, doing their best to protect the children of our City. All of them, including Ms. Matlock, have my appreciation for the job they do.”

Matlock was recently honored by the students, teachers and staff at Wedgewood Elementary to celebrate her years of service as a Guard, and to say “good-bye” as she left that post for a position at Friendswood Community Church.

The neighborhood kids thanked her and learned the new face at the corner will be a familiar one. Becky Dunn, who retired 5 years ago after working for 20 years as a School Crossing Guard in both Friendswood and Clear Creek Schools has come out of retirement to take Debbie’s place.

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