The 2015 SurPRIZE Patrol.

Friendswood ISD gets SurPRIZE visit

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Checks amounting to $122,399 were delivered to Friendswood ISD’s five campuses recently by the SurPrize Patrol. This group is under the direction of the FISD Education Foundation and was made up of the Board of Directors, donors and grant adopters.

The group presented the checks to large audiences of students, with the teachers coming forward to receive their great news.

Friendswood High School received $54,845, Friendswood Junior High $26,967, Windsong Intermediate $16,915, Cline Elementary $8,385 and Westwood-Bales $15,287.

Grants were as affordable as $19 and as much as $5,000. Over 200 teachers received grants and the FEF group gave them balloons and large checks with the news. Each school received extra-large checks with the total amount to display at the campus.

The total amount of $122,399 was made up of approximately $50,000 in Foundation funding from 2015 donors and $72,000 in designated grant funding from the annual Adopt a Grant program in FISD.

In its sixth year, the Adopt a Grant program has evolved into a program that engages the community, local businesses, alumni, and others in “adopting” grants that are posted online. Sales begin on December 1 and run through March. In December, teachers whose grants are purchased receive Christmas cards with the news. Beginning in January, the teachers whose grants have been adopted get Valentines.

Those who adopt can select grants by price, by category and subject, by campus or by teachers’ names. These grants are ordered soon after purchase so the items can be used on the materials that year.

Since the purchases are made online, the availability for purchasing is always open.

When the Adopt a Grant program ends in March, the Foundation’s Grant Committee then chooses grants to fund from the Foundation as a whole. The total amount comes each year from the two areas.

Directors on the Foundation include President Chris Sellers, Vice President, Development Allan Rasmussen, Secretary Trish Hanks, Treasurer John Blair, Member at Large Sally Branson, Directors Sheri Barber, Molly Crow, Joseph Ditta, Selena Ellis, Debi Frieden, Daniel Gage, Sky Lyn Gibbons, David Grissom, Kam Hasmukh, Michael Hickey, Russell Hillenburg, KK Jenkins, Susan Kelly, Kathryn Kinloch, Kenny Koncaba, Marjorie Kovacevich, Nona Landers, Andy Landry, Kelly Lovell, Kim Montz, Ingrid Moody, CiCi Newkirk, Alan Stanfield, Kathryn Thompson, Janet Wegner, and Leslie Yarbrough.

Founding Directors include Lucy Woltz, Guy Crouch, Alton Todd, and Lesley DiBello.

Directors Emeritus include Elaine Manning, Mike Wegner, Mark Gill, Cheryl Sauls, and William Rearick. School Board Liaison is David Montz. Paige Ridout is Executive Director.

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