Mrs. Holland’s 2nd grade class collected 4,420 total bags, the most in the school.

Wilder Wolves break recycling record

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A huge congratulations to all of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Wolves who contributed to the plastic bag recycling competition. Wilder, an elementary school in Pearland, broke their previous record with a whopping 42,062 plastic bags! On April 28 representatives from HEB Plus! Pearland and Keep Pearland Beautiful picked up the plastic bags that were packed into 55 gallon garbage bags.

Plastic bags and other plastic films are recyclable but not in your recycling cart or at the recycling center. This category of plastics includes shopping bags, dry cleaner bags and the plastic film that wraps your paper products, like toilet paper and paper towels. Just stuff them all in one bag and drop off at a local retailer like Walmart, HEB or Krogers.

Second grade blew it out of the water with 11,280 plastic bags and will be receiving a movie and snack party at the end of the year, sponsored by HEB Plus! Pearland and Keep Pearland Beautiful. Mrs. Holland’s 2nd grade class collected the most bags in the entire school. They brought in a huge 4,420 plastic bags all by themselves!

Keep Pearland Beautiful commends the entire school for such an amazing feat! To find out how your school can participate next year call 281-652-1779 or email [email protected] and help us keep Pearland beautiful!

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