Council to see one new member

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Manvel voters selected Lorraine Hehn to replace Maureen DelBello on city council. Hehn ran on a theme of making thoughtful decisions today that will define the city for decades to come.

“Our town is facing major decisions, decisions like where shopping malls and roads will go, and the citizens deserve a council that has the time and interest to dig deep into these issues, not make snap decisions based on gut feelings. These are things that once they are done cannot be undone. Good development will make us into a great place to live, work, and play.”

Incumbent Adrian Gaspar won re-election over challenger Jerome Hudson. Gaspar ran on a theme of being a voice for citizens and promoting business development: “I want to act on behalf of the average citizen. I want to make it so that the city doesn’t infringe on a citizen’s rights in his or her own home. I want to make the city more open to businesses, in addition to expanding the city’s revenue so that our city can benefit and grow.”

Voters also approved the MEDC sales tax allocation that will return full funding of 1/2 % of the city’s collected sales tax revenue to promote investments in infrastructure and business development.

Less than 5% of registered voters took time to exercise their privilege to vote. Manvel citizens turned out just 271 voters from 5,466 registered.

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