City appoints management district directors

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The city last week appointed directors to three of its municipal management districts.

MMDs, as they are called, are special districts created by state legislature. MMDs can levy fees in a defined area and provide needed improvements and infrastructure such as landscaping, recreation, traffic control, walkways, drainage and parking, among other things.

Pearland Municipal Management District No. 2 was created in 2013 to upgrade and beautify the 288 corridor in the Pearland area. The city last week re-appointed directors Teir Allender, Steve Chandler, Will Deane and Norma Garza.

The district contains more than 1,300 acres and is bordered by Beltway 8 on the north and County Road 59 to the south.

Within the Lower Kirby Pearland Management District, which was created in 2007, the city has reappointed directors Christopher Klein and Shareen Lamond, whose terms were set to expire in June. Also appointed is Justin Patchen to replace Avi Ron. Patchen is a senior asset manager for the real estate firm Urban Meridian Group.

“Lower Kirby” is the area near Beltway 8 and 288 designated by the city as a priority for development in the 2013 comprehensive plan. It is also the site of the much debated, mixed use development known as the Ivy District, the first phase of which is set to be underway near the end of the year.

Pearland’s Municipal Management District No. 1 was the city’s first MMD, created in 2005. Reappointed as directors last week were Erin Garcia and Mike Rozell. Director Pamela Garza, whose term is also expiring, will be replaced by Hebert S. Fain, Jr., a Pearland resident with a background in public works.

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