ACC Chair Pete Nash, right, with Polysomnography grad Taylor May, center, and President Dr. Christal M. Albrecht during the May 28 meeting. The board issued a resolution recognizing May after she received the American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST) New Technologist Award for 2015.

ACC approves strategic, facilities plans

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The Alvin Community College Board of Regents approved six goals as part of a strategic plan that will be enacted over the next five years during their meeting on May 28. The board also approved a contract with Stantec, Inc. to create a master facilities plan for the campus, a new organizational chart and new mission and vision statements.

The 5-year strategic plan was drafted by consultants after they met with ACC administration, faculty, staff and the community to address the future needs of students at ACC. Educational institutions utilize “breakthrough strategies” to deal with change, whether it’s population growth, legal adjustments or funding issues.

The college drafted six breakthrough strategic goals that will influence changes at ACC include: become an evidence-based, data-driven organization to improve efficiency and increase student achievement; develop a facility on the West Side of the ACC district; increase a presence in the community that best represents ACC and its mission; develop programs and partnerships to meet job market demands; efficiently allocate revenues and strengthen human resources to create a staff that embraces change, supports open communication and provides for ongoing development.

Consultants recently completed a discovery phase that included workshops with students, staff and the community. The strategies were developed from all of that work, said Dr. Nicki Harrington, consultant on the strategic plan.

The board is due to adopt the finalized strategic plan on October 22.

In relation to the strategic plan, regents also approved new versions of the vision and mission statements for the college.

The new vision statement is, “As a premier college that provides high-quality academic, technical and cultural programs, Alvin Community College’s focus will be to promote student success, enhance quality of life and support economic development.”

The new mission statement is, “Alvin Community College exists to improve the lives of its constituents by providing affordable, accessible, high quality and innovative academic, technical and cultural educational opportunities for the diverse communities it serves.”

Regent Mike Pyburn said the statements are an important tool for the college faculty and staff members.

“These two statements will be a guide for everything we do,” he said.

Under the facilities plan, Santec will perform an analysis of the college’s facilities starting in June and ending in September. The firm will then conduct a survey that will gather input from students, staff members and the community.

After the analysis and survey information is collected, Santec will then develop a draft solution and proposal by January.

The facilities plan will focus on campus infrastructure, classroom size, office space, energy use, landscaping, parking, student life, facility conditions and more.

In other action the board issued a resolution to recognize ACC Polysomnography graduate Taylor May.

May received the American Association of Sleep Technologist (AAST) New Technologist Award for 2015. She will be recognized in June at the AAST’s national conference in Seattle.

Regents also:
-approved a new organizational chart
-approved a depository contract renewal
-approved one resale of trust property
-monthly financial reports
-approved participation in a grant project with Rotary Club of Alvin to provide training for inmates

The board will have its next meeting on June 25 at 6 p.m. in the Nolan Ryan Center.

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