Funds allocated for housing grant

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City leaders on Monday reviewed next year’s plan for allocating more than $300,000 in Housing and Urban Development funding.

The annual grant will largely be used for code enforcement, single-family rehabilitation in low-income areas, as well as infrastructure.

The city has been allocated $319,085 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for what is known as a Community Development Block Grant program for the coming year, more than $5,000 over the current year’s allotment.

The use of the funds is restricted to up to 15 percent for social services programs and no more than 20 percent for planning and administration, leaving the remainder to be used for infrastructure, public facilities, code enforcement and housing.

City staff uses surveys, public input, consultants and demographic information when prioritizing its annual plan for allocating funding.

Pearland Neighborhood Center requested $25,000 to continue its emergency rent/utility assistance program.

However, the local agency is granted only $16,500.

In addition, the city proposes to replace nearly 5,000 feet of waterlines in the Old Townsite area.

The proposed plan calls for $50,000 for code enforcement for low income areas, and $22,000 for rehabilitation of those areas.

“That seems a little backward to me,” Councilman Tony Carbone commented.

Carbone said he would rather see more money go to Pearland Neighborhood Center to help families in the event of a downturn instead of code enforcement.

The final plan is expected to be submitted at the end of July.

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