Police investigate animal cruelty cases

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Friendswood Police are investigating two separate and disturbing events involving animals.

A total of seven dead dogs discovered by a trespasser at an abandoned property off Lundy Lane have raised suspicions of possible dog-fighting, though the animals’ advanced state of decay has made investigation difficult.

Police and animal control officers were notified of the find on June 4. The dogs appeared to be pit bull or pit bull mixes, all about six or seven months old, according to police reports. However, there were no visible signs of trauma to associate the animals with the illegal act of dog-fighting.

Police said the property where the dogs were found is a “nuisance property” – where teens are known to congregate from time to time inside an old burned-out building. Officers checked the building and found no evidence that the dogs were killed at that location. An investigator has been assigned to this case.

The day after the dogs were found, animal control called for police assistance after a gruesome discovery at the playground of Wedgewood Elementary, 4000 Friendswood Link. What initially appeared to be a cat buried with only its head sticking out turned out to be a cat head with no body attached, according to reports. Animal control officers stated it is unlikely the cat was killed by another animal, but the death was a deliberate act by a person. Police are following up with Clear Creek Independent School District to obtain a copy of surveillance video.

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